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Super Country Tribute

The Country Superstars Tribute Show salutes some of the most talented artists to grace the country music stage; including Alan Jackson, Johnny Cash, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton and Glenn Campbell.

“It wouldn’t be a country superstar show without Dolly,” show member Brent Lillie says. “And our very own Lucy Vee does a fantastic job, delivering some of Dolly’s biggest hits.”

Since 1990, Alan Jackson has racked up an astounding 20 number one singles and 20 top ten hits, including iconic favourites such as Chattahoochie, Mercury Blues and his massive crossover hit It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere, a duet with Jimmy Buffett – all these songs are included in the show.

The Country Superstars Tribute Show is hosted by The Superstars Band – a touring band of award-winning professionals of the highest calibre, including invitees to Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe and South by Southwest.

“Any musician would give their right arm to have an open invitation to the Bluebird Cafe or South by Southwest,” says Lillie.
“The Superstars Band is a hand-picked line-up of extremely talented musicians, and each of them does a great job of delivering all the timeless hit songs from this cavalcade of country music legends.”

Catch the dinner and show at the Maclean Bowling Club on Saturday October 14; tickets are on sale at the club.

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