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Salty Kombis return to Yamba River Markets

The Salty Kombi Show and Shine returns to Yamba on Sunday October 22 at Yamba River Markets. 

Organiser Jeremy Billett said he was expecting to surpass the 25 gleaming VW Kombi vans that participated when the event debuted at last year’s Surfing The Coldstream Festival.

“Previous attendees are very excited to come to Yamba again this year and have been telling their fellow Kombi owners to do the same because they had such a fantastic time last year.”

“Kombi owners spend a lot of effort caring for their vans,” said Mr Billett, “which is why it’s fascinating to inspect these vehicles and notice the close attention to detail.”

After taking breakfast in Yamba, the Kombi Konvoy will take a tour of Yamba’s beaches and main streets. The best places to watch the Kombis drive through town will be along Yamba Street, Pippi Beach and Turner’s Beach. A map showing the Kombi route is available on the website.

From 10am the Kombis will be set up at the Yamba River Markets for the show and shine, where members of the public are invited to admire these well loved vintage buses up close.

On the day, an online poll can be accessed through the Yamba River Markets Facebook page where the Salty Kombi Show & Shine Favourite for 2017 will be decided by public vote.

Prospective event participants can sign up via the website, with entry costing just $5.

The theme of the event is surfing and Kombi culture, which perfectly suits a location like Yamba and the history and nostalgia that Kombis have among surfers and the Australian coastal lifestyle.

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