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Jacaranda Breakfast The Match off – 2GF RADIO & The Independent

Lynne Mowbray

It was perfect weather for this year’s Jacaranda Thursday, which kicked off at 6am with the 2GF and The Independent, free breakfast in Market Square.

This year the two media master chefs battled it out for the newly created ‘Golden Tongs Trophy’ which has been made from Jacaranda wood, an old set of BBQ tongs and finished off with an engraved plaque, thanks to Brendan Watkins Jewellers.

Although the Jacaranda Thursday breakfast is free to the general public, this year each of the media teams had a Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter collection bucket, which the public contributed to.

The winner of the trophy was determined by the amount of money raised from each of the team’s buckets.
The total raised from the buckets was $913, with The Independent bucket raising the most and thus taking out the Golden Tongs Trophy, much to the dismay of the 2GF team.

2GF manager Paul Covington said that he acknowledged The Independent’s win this year.

“We acknowledge that The Independent raised more money than us this year and we have already started planning for next year, to regain the trophy,” said Mr Covington.
“I’d just like to thank all the volunteers and the staff at The Independent and 2GF.
“It’s staggering to see how it just all comes together each year,” he said.

A huge thank you to all the businesses (below), for supporting this FREE community event.

This year’s Jacaranda Thursday breakfast:

• 2400 sausages – Geoff Jones at Holiday Coast Meats
• 1260 eggs – Mid Coast Eggs
• 1500 units = 650 litres of flavoured milk – NORCO
• 350kg watermelon, 140kg bananas, 80kg apples and 60kg oranges – Farmer Lous
• 160 loaves of Tip Top bread – Woolworths
• Thanks also to ELGAS and Grafton Hire


The 2GF team focus on the job at hand.

Team Norco – John Williams and Clint Lawler.

The team at Farmer Lous.

The fun filled team at 2GF.

2GF’s Brandon Disson found it hard to let go of the trophy (pictured with Taquayla Dawson).

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