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Please see below a copy of a letter forward by me to Grafton Base Hospital.

John Rouse, Yamba 

“I realise that so many people complain about the local health service but I want to also express my appreciation not only of the concerning care I received by the triage staff but also the  exceptional medical consultation I received when I was admitted as an inpatient of Grafton Base Hospital.

On the 12th October I had to go the Emergency Department, at the Grafton Base Hospital. 

Arrived at triage and the nurse in attendance had me through to emergency ward in five minutes; to be attended by Dr Alister Mc Innes. Nurse Fiona, Donna and two other nurses (which I apologise for not remember their names) the team work, professional, and care shown, not just to me but to all patients was commendable.

Late in the afternoon I was moved to the main ward, level 1 and again had the care of very organised and caring nurses Trish, Rick and five other nurses. Again I apologise for not remembering their names. 

On Thursday evening, specialist Dr Alison Duchow made a bedside visit and had arranged for an operation for Friday afternoon. The team in theatre again was so professional and at ease to make you feel more relaxed.

Dr Alison Duchow is not only a great doctor, but has a very relaxed bedside manner. Dr Duchow plays a very special part with the nurses and other staff. I asked staff about her working relationship within the hospital. Not one staff member, office, nurses; cleaners, catering and orderly had anything but high praise for her professionalism and working manner with the hospital staff.

Dr Duchow referred me back to my GP in Yamba, Dr David Hope, to arrange for me to see another specialist in Lismore. Dr Hope within one hour had made the appointment with the specialist.

We had a phone call from specialist office confirming my appointment within the week with thanks to Dr Hope.

People of Grafton and Lower Clarence must feel comfortable knowing they have a great hospital and very professional medical personnel caring for their needs”.

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