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Grafton chamber’s first breakfast meeting of the year

Around 40 people attended the Grafton Chamber of Commerce’s first breakfast meeting for the year which was held at the Grafton District Services Club [GDSC] on Thursday morning.
Guest speakers at the breakfast were Coffs/Clarence Crime Prevention Officer Senior Constable Jonathon Murray, who presented a powerpoint presentation on ‘keeping your business crime safe’.
SC Murray told the meeting that the average cost of crime against a business was nearly $5000 per annum and spoke about ways of assessing the risks to their businesses and implementing change to reduce that risk.
The second speaker was David Madden from NSW Industrial Relations who spoke on workplace law.
Mr Madden took questions from business owners throughout his informative presentation.
The next breakfast meeting for the Grafton Chamber of Commerce will be at 7am Wednesday, March 15, at the Clocktower Hotel in Grafton.
For more information about the Grafton Chamber of Commerce:

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